Looking for an apartment

A rental apartment, a youth apartment, a shared student co-op apartment or an owned apartment? There are as many forms of housing as there are people living in them. 

Where to find a home of your own?

The first home of your own can be, for example, a youth apartment, a rental apartment provided by the city or the municipality or a student apartment. Your first apartment can also be provided by a private landlord who offers apartments especially to young people who are already working. Be active when seeking an apartment!

There are many forms of housing

When you move away from home, you can live by yourself, together with a friend or in a shared apartment with people you did not know before. Every form has its advantages and disadvantages.

How about buying an apartment?

You can also buy an apartment either fully or in part through various loan and ownership arrangements. These are more binding forms of housing, and nowadays banks require some level of self-financing contribution.

Apartment seeker’s check list

What is there to remember when seeking an apartment? You’ll need to check the distances and the price, find out also whether pets are allowed.

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