Check list for moving out

  • Always terminate the lease in writing. For a tenant, the period of notice is one month. The period of notice starts on the last day of the calendar month in which you terminate the lease. You must pay rent during the period of notice as well.
  • Schedule a moving inspection. When you notify the landlord of your moving out, the condition of the apartment will be inspected and any damage caused during your tenancy will be written down. Normal wear is acceptable, but you may have to pay for other damage.
  • Notify the housing manager of your moving out. Remember to notify the building’s maintenance company or the housing manager of your moving out.
  • Terminate or transfer your electricity agreement. If you move within the same town, you can transfer the electricity agreement to the new address with the power company’s own notification procedure. If you move to another town or want to use a different company, terminate your old agreement and sign a new one at least two weeks before moving.
  • Transfer your home insurance to the new home. Check whether your current insurance will cover your next home.
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection. Agree with the operator on transferring your connection well in advance.
  • Book a moving vehicle and packing materials in advance. The apartment must be empty by the agreed date.
  • Clean up carefully. Clean the apartment thoroughly. Clean the oven, the refrigerator, the windows, the light switches, the skirting boards and the tiles. Wipe all closets and cupboards on the inside and on the outside. Defrost the freezer. Empty the storage cage and bicycle storage of your belongings as well.
  • Return the keys. Check to whom and when you are supposed to return the keys. Do not forget the spare keys.
  • Make a change of address notification. The notification must be made within a week of your moving. You can make the notification to both Posti and the Local Registry Offices online at Be sure to notify your workplace, your place of study and hobby groups and the bank as well as any magazine subscription services.
  • Make sure that your deposit is returned to you.
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