Entering working life

Where to find help with job-seeking?

You can find help with job-seeking through the Employment and Economic Development (TE) services at www.te-palvelut.fi. The website contains instructions for writing a CV (curriculum vitae) and a job application as well as tips for preparing for a job interview. On the website, you can browse vacancies by profession. You can also utilise a job watch, which will send you e-mail notifications about vacancies in the fields you have chosen. The website contains the contact information of local TE services. Familiarise yourself with the service and contact your local TE office. If you are contemplating a suitable profession or need help discussing the right and suitable profession due to a disability or illness, contact your local TE office. You could benefit from getting to know the duties of your preferred profession through a work trial, for example. An apprenticeship is also an option for entering working life while simultaneously studying your chosen profession. There are many websites on the Internet through which you can browse vacant jobs. Not all vacancies are listed on job-seeking websites. You should look at the websites of businesses and organisations and submit an open application to the employer. In the open application, describe your skills and your interest in the employer in question. You can also come across job opportunities through social media and by talking with friends and acquaintances. Remember to be active in your job-seeking!

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Job application

When writing a job application, think about your strengths and skills and how to market them to the particular employer in question. Feel free to bring up your strengths and be personal, but do not overdo it. Read the job advertisement carefully, strive to meet the requirements set out and follow the instructions regarding submitting your application. You should also submit a CV detailing your education and work experience as an attachment to the application. Tip: you can find good templates for writing a job application and a CV with a Google search!

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