Mover’s check list


  • Make a change of address notification. This will officially transfer your contact information to your new address. The notification must be made within a week of your relocation. You can submit the notification to both Posti and the Local Registry Offices online at Be sure to notify your workplace, your place of study and hobby groups as well as the bank and any magazine subscription services about your change of address.
  • Notify the building’s maintenance company or the housing manager of your moving. When you do that, you will be added to the register of residents and your name will be added to the name board in the stairwell and your door. The maintenance company will be allowed to let you in if you forget your key. The contact information of the maintenance company can be found on the bulletin board in the stairwell.
  • Condition inspection. When you move in, go through any faults or shortcomings in the apartment together with your landlord. This way you cannot be accused later of any damage caused by the previous resident.
  • Get home insurance. Home insurance is a small investment: without it, you will have to pay for any material damage to your home out of your own pocket. You can purchase home insurance from an insurance company.
  • Sign an electricity agreement. Organise an electricity agreement as soon as you learn the date of your relocation to make sure you will have electricity when you move. The agreement can be signed well in advance, but it will not be valid until the moving day.
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection. In newer apartments a broadband connection is included in the lease, but usually you have to acquire it yourself. You can get an Internet connection from the same operators that provide mobile phone connections. Be sure to compare prices.
  • Check the smoke alarm. A smoke alarm is a compulsory item in every home. Even if you are careful yourself, there can be an accident next door. Check the batteries on a regular basis.
  • Get the water flowing. Usually a water rate is included in the lease or the service charge of an owned apartment, but check your agreement to make sure. The water rate is usually charged separately to every resident.
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